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What if I told you on the other side of this question lives the path to your true life…

“What Is It You Want, And Why Don’t You Have It?”

If you’re looking for a FASTER, EASIER and MORE DESIRABLE way to live with more PEACE OF MIND – then what I am now going to offer you may come as a NEW and very FREEING surprise.

My name is Emeric Damian and I’ve made a lifelong study and practice of creating peace of mind, what I call Mind Wealth, for myself and others. People have called me a mirror into their lives.

Why? Because I sit down with clients and quickly discover how to create what they want. Most of these conversations happen in less than 45 minutes. Most of them are hiding where the client wouldn’t know to look. I don’t hide anything. I don’t add anything. I just reflect back to them what they are not seeing for themselves.

And then the reality comes alive before them because they’ve seen the way for the first time, in a very long time.

What does this have to do with YOU? Everything.

Several moons ago I sat down with a Professor of Psychology, to discuss the nature of us, of people. I was looking for a deeper understanding, so I could help more people live well. But I ended up teaching him about the mind, about thoughts and the power of questing. Years after that, I started exploring the world of coaching, and there it was again, the same issues, very basic blocks that the so-called expert coaches should have already moved past.

But then I started having real-world conversation with people, no more theory, real-world experience and action.

That’s when I discovered that the delusions the ancient traditions speak of, are not stories, but realities for all of us.

After 1000’s of conversations, 100’s of professional conversations, even with so-called expert therapists, I saw the same pattern.

It’s simple to see if someone shows you.

I will show you.

But that is still just the beginning, because ‘getting it’ requires the path of potential.

You see, yesterday I had an impromptu conversation with a Psychologist, who is now a therapist. I met her an hour before, while having a coffee at a cafe in Portugal. As often happens in conversation with strangers, she asked what I do. I said, “I bring people peace of mind while helping them create anything they want.”

She asked if we could sit down and talk a bit more.

Here was a professional sitting before me, a woman who is paid 100’s of thousands of dollars to “fix” people.

I told her, people do not need to be fixed, they need to see and then create.

We spoke and then she saw as so many do and now she’s freer to live powerfully, even in the unknown.

What did I say, I promised these three things:

  1. The mind is controllable. It is NOT a lifelong practice.
  2. I can teach you how to achieve more freedom in less time than you ever imagined possible.
  3. Getting what you want is almost as easy as asking for it.

She was skeptical but 45 minutes later, she sent me a message, feeling better and lighter and more powerful than she had in years.

When the conversation begins the clients are scared. They hear me say that I can teach them peace of mind, of mind wealth. They hear me say it is effortless. And they hear me say I can show them how to get everything they want.

But they don’t believe me.

And why should they? Look around you and you see everyone running around, busy as can be, stressed to the tilt. Everywhere, we are told life is hard, life is a b****, you have to suffer to get what you want.

Ask yourself, “Is this true for you, for most people?

It is NOT, however, true for me – and there are a number of important reasons why.

And those reasons are precisely what I download into the minds of everyone I work with.

…however it required a few preliminary processes…

Number one, I had to quickly undo any past programming and negative beliefs that it has to be difficult to get what you want. Number two, I had to be able to teach them the skill and simple questions that would let them walk out into the world with great peace of mind and true confidence, not false confidence that so many experts push on people.

Here’s the bottom line: I know I can teach the way to have more peace of mind, which I call mental wealth. This service is desperately needed. There are millions of people, millions of people doing business, millions of people with friends and families, that could use this amazing ability - especially when they want to do something wonderful with their life.

I absolutely know I can teach you my ways for experiencing the world with great peace of mind and absolute confidence within a short period of time.

I know I can transfer this ability into everything you do… Even if you’ve never thought of yourself as having the ability before.

Last of all, there’s a magical question that I share with my clients who have paid $1,000’s of dollars to have a conversation with me and I will tell YOU right now. If you can talk to a mirror, I can teach you how to step into the creation of a new reality.

This is why I urge you to order The Guardian and The Guru Mind Wealth Program.

Here’s what you will get:

  • The 25,000 dollar question… It’s designed to shake loose all your hesitation, and indecision. It’s foundational in you creating what you want.
  • Access to the on-line platform and program, for 6 months, with the potential for a free upgrade.
  • You will also get, The Gift, a powerful principle that when practiced, and anyone can practice the power of the gift, the gift will transform your ability to ask for what you want. It’s guaranteed to bring peace of mind…
  • You will take part in learning about Inevitability Design, yes that’s right, along with the audio and videos in the program, you will learn how to harness the power of Inevitability Design! ( This one thing alone destroys the obstacles before you. ) In fact this very learning is where we will spend the majority of time fine-tuning…
  • The program will be complemented with Question & Answer sessions… My clients are paying me 5k to 10k to be able to speak with me one on one, and why I can’t talk to everyone 1 on 1 for the price of the program, I will be answering your Questions.
  • As a bonus, I’m extending the conversation for 4 months, that means the program itself is 8 weeks, but included in the four months following will be 16 condensed super sessions. What’s a super session, they are 5-minute check ins, where we make sure you are staying on the path… Everyone, and I mean everyone, needs to be reminded of their power choice. Fuel To Keep Going…

Here are a few Possible Additions: 

  • A private FB group…
  • Group Video Call-Ins…
  • VIP Book Club…
  • Circle of Privilege and Gratitude, this is where I connect everyone with each other, multiplying the power of the group. Imagine being amongst a group of people with each person assisting the other with their skills, experience, and wisdom.
  • The Video on becoming a Masterful Coach and Client, the III volumes…

PRIVATE ADDITION For The First 10 People…

I hesitated to add this to the program but I want it to be as rich and empowering for you as possible.

I’m including my secret doctrine that I personally use for everything I do.

When you really put to work the message within the Secret Doctrine, you will go exponential…

But a word of warning:

  • You will have mental objections,
  • You will have to practice this one,
  • Because you will resist the simplicity of it.

Additionally, I’m going to give you a guidebook I created called, The Automated Passive Income eXperience, ( A.P.I.X. )

This guide has enlightened many minds to the power that exists right before them. In fact many of the ideas you will be learning in the Program are synthesized in this document.

Now the most important of all the practices you are going to learn and apply to your own life, is taking full ownership of your attention!

Why this is more important now than ever, why is this the most critical skill and ability you can take into your being and mind…

  1. The world is being designed to steal your attention.
  2. Distraction is costing you your life and you don’t even know it.
  3. The powers that be have no choice but to manipulate your attention. It’s how they make their money and without your attention they can’t survive. They spend trillions to do that one thing, take control of your eyes. “Eyes are Income”.
  4. Attraction to Distraction is the death of your dreams.

What’s the solution? 

The Guardian and The Guru Mind Wealth Program…

Everything you are going to do is ultimately designed to guarantee that you are the Guru in your life, in your world, in your creation.

You can either drift in life or design your life and then enjoy the adventure of your creative abilities.

You see, your brain needs you to give it directions, goals, visions…

It requires it for peace of mind.

If you refuse to heed the call, you will suffer.

There’s a better way to live your life…

And now for a twist, you probably wouldn’t expect this, but I’m going to share with a few ideas that are designed to push you away if you are not a fit for the program.

Marketers would tell me this is a bad idea to share this with you, but I practice what I preach, and you are going to do the same if you want to truly become the powerful, gifted, human being that you are.

If you are not willing to:

  • Go through the material and do the work…
  • Ask questions about what you believe to be true…
  • Question the way you are living…
  • Experiment with your own life…
  • Let go of blaming and incessant complaining…
  • Say yes to receiving what you want…
  • Take ownership of the choices you make…
  • Then you are not a fit for the program.

If on the other hand you are:

  • All-in and fully committed…
  • You own your choices…
  • You are open to experimenting and experiencing the new…
  • You are willing to ask for what you want… 
  • You are creative or if you don’t think you are creative, you are willing to pretend to be…
  • You are willing to laugh at yourself, even if in private only…
  • You have high standards and are compassionate with yourself…
  • You prefer truth to delusion…
  • Then you are invited to join the program.

However, we are not done yet…

Everything you are about to partake in can be taken in and learned quickly…

That’s how it should be.

You don’t need to spend 8 weeks, 1 year, or 5 years learning, studying, and ingesting information…

That is why you are going to be on the speed course.

You are going to implant into your mind, like a download, a set of practices and ideas that thrive on application.

The 8 Weeks and 4 months are the opportunities for you to hone in your ability to use what you are downloading into your mind.

This is the chance for you to defeat the resistance.

And because resistance can appear real, I will also be giving you, the key to truly living an exceptional life.

When you join, you are going to instantly receive the shortest, most powerful learning tool ever created.

In fact it’s so powerful and true that you will probably not even see it.

Of course…

You are the Guru, even if you don’t yet realize it…

And the most powerful learning tool is only a few clicks away from being within your mind.

Let’s close this invitation, with a few final notes, to solidify your decision and scare you away if you are not committed to yourself

  • You will be a founding member…
  • There are no refunds…
  • You are all-in or not at all…
  • You will be in conversation about what you want and why you don’t have it, so you can get it.
  • My guarantee, there isn’t one! 
  • My guarantee, I will push you to do better, be better, receive more, and to do it because you said you would! It’s time to stop wasting your life, going to bed exhausted and confused, waking up tired and still confused, worried and stuck. You have something more waiting for you and your life, use it or you will wake up one day terrified that your life has passed and you have yet started to live.

Actually, you deserve a guarantee and here it is, but it’s not mine, it belongs to the life itself:

Here’s Life’s Guarantee:

You are here reading this for a reason and if you keep doing what you’ve been doing, you will almost certainly keep getting what you’ve been getting.

We all need assistance at some point in our lives, sometimes more than we’d like to admit. You can go at it alone or join a few other wild spirits who live life on their own terms, who question their lives when it’s not working out as they want, and then do something about it.

Or you can take what life gives you, and that’s alright too…

But you are the Guru, so choose for yourself…

And if you are still uncertain, perhaps you will benefit from this question:

“What is the cost of your inaction, of doing the same as you’ve done, of doing the same as always?”

There’s another option and it’s the Guardian and the Guru Mind Wealth Program a quest into creating your life…

One more thing...

I gave you a question in the beginning, but there’s a second part to it and without this, you will not be able to get what you want.


It will be revealed right away when you join.

Click here, make a payment, email me here, and I will be in contact within 48 hours.

Emeric Damian

P.S. I want to introduce you to someone...

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Our primary conversation is about what you want and why you don't have it and how to go about creating it

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